Dear Home Depot

I've only been a cashier at The Home Depot for a year and a half now, but the longer I work for this company, the more uneasy I'm becoming. Every other day, you hear a story about an employee getting fired for trying to stop a shoplifter.

While I completely understand The Home Depot's policy for dealing with shoplifters, the real problem with this situation is that the shoplifters are now aware that THD employees cannot do anything to stop them from walking out of the store with whatever they want. The news coverage concerning disgruntled employees who were fired for going into the parking lot to write down a blatant shoplifter's license number, or defending other employees who were physically hurt by a shoplifter when they were simply asking to see a receipt -- something that THD tells us in training to do to stop potential thefts -- has opened the discussion among non-THD employees to the loopholes in our stores' security systems.

I work in a high-crime Home Depo…


If you know me, or if you've read my blog, you'll know that I am a passionate person. And when I write things on this blog, I tend to overshare, and the length of the average post can be a bit overwhelming. So, obviously, I can write well.

I am a talented writer.

I don't feel bad saying this. I have been told time and time again that my writing is above average.

I've written compelling application essays for friends that get them accepted into colleges.

I've written term papers that my teachers have congratulated me on in front of the entire class.

I've had college assignments entered into competitions.

I've had professors ask me to use my writing as an example for future students.

I've had a job on a campus newspaper.

I was selected for a coveted writing internship on a well-known news-based website.

I am a talented writer.

But I hate it. 

Well, I hate writing with a deadline. I hate being forced to write something. I hate being assigned a topic unless …

I'm Falling and I Can't Get Up

I broke down in a Redner's parking lot a few days ago. I just sat in the car, engine off, silent, staring at the steering wheel for a full five minutes before the first tear slipped down my face. The entire time, though, all I could think was, "I'm so stupid. I should not be crying right now." But I was. Because I was hurt. Because I was sad. Because for the umpteenth time in my life, a connection I had hoped and wished for was not made, and my expectations were bitterly not met. And it really, really stung.

But the thing is, I had absolutely no reason to have any expectations at all. Not really, anyway. I went by a co-worker's place to pick up an Ace bandage that I had lent him because my wrist had started hurting. I was totally content to pick it up at work whenever, but he'd insisted I should come pick it up that day because he "felt bad" and wanted me to have it back. So I went.

On the way there, I played up the encounter in my mind. Maybe I'…

Book Review: Three Dreams of Anne Frank

Book: Three Dreams of Anne Frank

Author: Rod M. Starcke

Amazon: Three Dreams of Anne Frank, $6.71

Three Dreams of Anne Frank is a short, confusing book. Anne is led through her dreams by Hans Christian Andersen, and each dream is more terrifying than the next for the young girl. In a way, Anne isn't trapped in the hideaway anymore, but her dream world doesn't transport her into a wonderful world as she hopes.

Book Review: In Her Closet

Book: In Her Closet
Author: Tasha L. Harrison
Amazon: In Her Closet -- $3.99

Yves Santiago is a sex goddess. She spends every night on the town, mixing it up with Philadelphia's elite society for her newspaper column, and the rest of her nights are spent between the sheets for a sex chronicle blog online. Her life is simple and fun, despite her three jobs, outspoken family members, and the ex-boyfriend who is still hung up on her. When she gets contacted by Elijah Weinstein about a book deal based on her blog, however, Yves' world is turned upside down and she must figure out what she really wants; in life and in love.

In Her Closet is a twisted romance novel. It has exciting surprises and a gripping storyline, but what made me like it the most is that the main character, Yves, is a strong, grounded, and compelling young woman who must face her dark past in order to have a bright future. If readers liked Fifty Shades of Grey, they will definitely appreciate In Her Closet.

Book Review: Maid for the Rock Star

Title: Maid for the Rockstar
Author: Demelza Carlton
Amazon: Maid for the Rock Star -- $13.99

Jay is a rockstar whose band is on the verge of becoming extinct. When Jay buys a hotel room for a month to recuperate and think about what his next step will be, the first thing on his mind is sex with as many different girls as possible. That is, until he meets Audra, a broke meteorology graduate just trying to get a permanent position as a maid at the hotel to make ends meet until she (hopefully) gets a job in her chosen field. The two share a battle of sexual tension and wits as they finagle slutty coworkers, hellish cops, and the broken pieces of their pasts. In the end, what they both need is someone who understands, and they may have found each other at the perfect time.

Demelza Carlton spins a fantastically sexy scene in her book "Maid for the Rock Star." Her character Audra is 100% relatable as a broke single woman trying desperately to make a life for herself away from her…

We Got the Beat

I think the thing that I love the most about movies and TV shows isn't the acting, the script, or the themes, but the music that sets the tone.

I can tell when something sinister is approaching.

I know the exact moment two people fall in love.

I feel the music in my bones. It seeps into me, fills me, and directs my feelings towards certain reactions.

Because music is powerful. Music is inspirational. Music is a deeper understanding of the world than words or pictures. A beautiful landscape will stay in your mind, but a melody stays in your heart.

Like your sense of smell, familiar but long-forgotten melodies can stir up memories that you may not even remember making.

I don't think the crew members who provide the scores for movies are given enough appreciation. They are, after all, responsible for the emotions you feel when watching a movie.

When you cry, it is because the music reminded you of something sad.

When you laugh, it is because the music is light and silly.

When you…